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We are sorry for any inconvenience caused by this, but there is currently nothing we can do about it.

What this means to you is this:
___ Currently no new/suggested bounties are processed or accepted!
___ Submission is still possible though.
___ Already assigned bounties continue as usual.
___ Fulfilled bounties will of course get payed out.
___ EMail support is very limited.

Again, we are very sorry for any inconvenience caused by this and will keep you informed, as soon as there are any news to spread.
Unfortunatley, we can't give any estimate about when the issues are resolved.

Thank you for your understanding!

Your amigabounty.net Team.


Welcome to Amigabounty.net - A site with a 100% focus on AmigaOS4 development.
This site lets you donate to existing bounty projects or to suggest new ones yourself. You can contribute to the bounties via Paypal but please keep in mind that Paypal charges a small fee to transfer the money. Amigabounty.net is 100% non-profit and will always remain so.

Help us covering the costs of running this site.
Check left side of this page, below the menu.

Loaner hardware is currently with: Robert Szacki, Diego Casorran, if you are in the need of AmigaOS4 capable hardware for a specific project, please contact us via the "contact us" link above.

JAVA - (Milestone 1) JVM for AmigaOS
This bounty is for milestone 1 of Jamiga2. Milestone 1 covers the basic functionality of a working Java implementation, which also offers some novel applications to AmigaOS.
Port of VPDF
"VPDF is a fast and efficient PDF viewer done for morphos 3.0 and since then released as opensource, this bounty aim is to get a port made for AmigaOS4.1"
"This bounty is for developing a JIT version of E-UAE for AmigaOS4.1."
Gnash - Assigned to afxgroup
"Gnash is a GNU Flash movie player"
wxWidgets phase one - Assigned to abalaban
"First phase of a wxWidgets port"

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Avcodec.library: Update and improvementsPosted by Troels at 20120106 01:50
[Read More]
Help get Djnick a SAM460 Lite motherboard.Posted by Troels at 20120106 00:30
Bounty goal reached - moved to finished section.
[Read More]
Qt bounty completedPosted by Troels at 20110801 11:33
The bounty for a complete native AmigaOS4.1 port of libQtGui.so has been completed.
The package can be downloaded from Os4deport.net, congrats to Alfkil for making the port
Bounty description, here.
[Read More]
Change of bounty requirements for Project: TimberwolfPosted by Cyborg at 20110430 08:13
The Mozilla foundation has plans to release a new 4.x version every two months. With the old requirement description of Project: Timberwolf this would mean a "moving target", which would make it extremely hard if not even impossible for the Frieden brothers to fulfill the requirements. The needed work would just be too much considering their various other duties regarding AmigaOS development.

Also we think that getting one full, clean and stable port of Firefox 4.0, where future work can be based on, is much more important than some quick and dirty port of the latest 4.x version just for the sake of getting the latest 4.x version.

For those reasons we decided to change the version requirements accordingly. Please see the Project: Timberwolf page, section "Version" for the details.
[Read More]
Bounty complete - AAMP package released.Posted by Troels at 20110322 19:57
AMP package phase TWO has been completed! Edgar Schwan (Aka cygnusED) has completed the bounty.
The Amp package features a release of a fully native Apache, MySQL and PHP it can be downloaded from os4depot.net
[Read More]
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