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Bounty committeePosted by Troels at 20081208 12:25
Amigabounty.net needs your help to choose which bounties to open.
We can't open each and every bounty that is suggested to amigabounty.net and still have a realistic chance to see them all completed. Instead we have to be a bit selective and choose the bounties that is of most interest to the developers and of most benefit to OS4.

We discussed this topic and decided to set up up a small bounty committee. This committee will then choose the best suited and most useful OS4 projects to be backed by a bounty.
We need 3 more people for that committee and people with a at least basic knowledge about porting and development will be preferred.
The committee should be able to take a look at a proposed bounty and evaluate the approximately needed effort to get a result.

Taking part in the committee will be unpaid and not very time consuming. If you are interested please get in touch by registering and leaving me a PM.

Best Regards
Troels, Amigabounty.net
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