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Title:JAVA - (Milestone 1) JVM for AmigaOS
[EDIT]Moved to finished.
With Java support, AmigaOS users can benefit from a plethora of applications and helpful technologies. Apart from desktop application and industry server software, Java also has a vast amount of third party libraries, which allows us to integrate existing AmigaOS applications with many of todays common format and API's, with Java libraries available for Word/Excel import/export, web services such as Twitter, Google Maps and much more.

With the Java virtual machine we not only get Java but also other programming languages, such as Scala (not to be confused with Amiga's Scala multimedia suite), and Groovy. With Java on AmigaOS, 9 million developers will have a new platform to target!

Milestone 1
This bounty is for milestone 1 of Jamiga2. There are currently three milestones planned. Milestone 1 covers the basic functionality of a working Java implementation, which also offers some novel applications to AmigaOS. Milestone 2 and 3, will offer even more in terms of user gain, with GUI and graphics capabilities, and applet support.
Bounty:743.4499999999998 EUR   Out of 782.5 EUR originally submitted.
There are no files attached to this project.
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