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Finished v1.0 of Allegro can be donwloaded from OS4depot.net
Port of the Allegro game development library to AmigaOS4.
Bounty:499.33 EUR   Out of 500.84 EUR originally submitted.
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Title:Allegro update #1
Text:Colin who is working on the Allegro port recently said "It's basically finished and I was ready to release it, but found some last minute problems on OS4.1 and haven't had a chance to fix it - I'm just too busy at work!
But hopefully in the next couple of weeks it will be done."

So Allegro should hopefully be out before Christmas.
Created by:Troels
Created at:20081201 14:12
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19  Donations from the old site.  0  20081130 14:57  Troels
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