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Title:Sputnik webbrowser

Port of Sputnik webbrowser from MorphOS to AmigaOS4.
Bounty:3124.72 EUR   Out of 3124.72 EUR originally submitted.
  Update entry
Title:Return of money.
Text:Posted to Amiga.org, Amigaworld.net, Amigans.net and amigabounty.net

All money from the closed Sputnik bounty will be returned to the people who so kindly donated. I just have to ask that all people who donated send me an email with their name and Paypal address(email).

Many people stated that they wanted to donate their money to other OS4 developers, if you want me to do that(to avoid further paypal fees)remember to say so(and to which project) in your email. I hope many people choose to support the actively developed applications.

Please send me the email before 31.01.2009 so I can get the money back to all of you (or to other OS4 projects). If I haven't received any email by the end of January 2009 I will donate your money to the developers of the OS4 version of either NetSurf or OWB.

Sorry for the trouble this caused.
My email is tersking(a)gmail.com
Created by:Troels
Created at:20081227 11:40
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ID  Title  CommentsCreated atCreated by
22  Just made a small update on the main bounty site.  0  20081210 15:42  Troels
20  Sputnik status report #1  0  20081201 14:10  Troels
15  Donations list from the old site.  0  20081130 03:37  Troels
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