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Title:WxWidgets - phase one.
Port of WxWidgets to AmigaOS for easier access to cross-platform applications.
Examples of applications using WxWidgets is KiCAD, Audacity, Code::Blocks, Amaya
and(originally from the Amiga) Audio Evolution 5.

Having WxWidgets available on AmigaOS4.1 will give us easier access to a
huge number of applications and it will allow Amiga developers to reach a wider audience if they develop using WxWidgets.

As wxWidgets is a big project, we decided to divide it up into a bunch of stand-alone bounties
(called phases) which built upon each other and finally form a complete wxWidgets port together.

This bounty is the first phase of a complete port of the latest wxWidgets
development version (2.9.5 as of Dec 2012) to AmigaOS4.1. Phase 1 covers the
wxWidgets modules wxBase, wxCore, wxNet and wxXML, whereby the already done
work in the wxwidgets-aos project on sourceforge shall act as a starting point.

Nov 11, 2013, the wx people released wxWidgets 3.0.
Bounty:700.8700000000001 EUR   Out of 737 EUR originally submitted.
  Update entry
Title:Deadline missed again
Text:It's with great sadeness that I should face the fact I missed the deadline once again. Believe me I'm relally not comfortable with that and feeling really bad.
The task to update to 2.9 from 2.8 was harder than anticipated many things were rewritten, many other changed a lot (I'm speaking about under the wood, not about the API) this is one of the factor that prevented me from delivering. The other being a serious lack of spare time in my real-life compared to what I would have wanted.

So I've asked another delay (two other months, given December isn't generally a period I'm spending on Amiga) to the AmigaBounty council (still waiting for their answer). I don't want this bounty to linger forever so even if can't meet this new deadline for wxBase I'll try to find another interested developper to go on with my work so donors won't be too much abused.
Secondly I'm asking anyone currently considering a donation to this project to either wait until I finally meet this deadline either consider donating to another bounty (TimberWolf, Gnash and AMP have my preference, but you are free to choose one of the other). I've asked the ab.net council to temporary close the donation for this bounty but I'm still waiting for an answer.

Now for the real update :
I'm to a point where libwxBase compile and is able to link against the test suite program. I can run this test suite and results are currently :
"Run: 362 Failure total: 70 Failures: 60 Errors: 10"
Which means 362 test where conducted, ther was 70 unsuccessful tests amongst them 60 were failures and 10 were errors. Those failures include some parts that are not specifically covered by this bounty (network, image support, regex support, etc.) raising the number, I evaluated the repartition of the failures as is :
- ~30 concern mandatory parts of the library and must be solved to go on,
- ~30 concern optionnal parts and might be corrected to go on,
- ~10 concern parts not really covered by this bounty and would be nice to have but not mandatory.

Keep in mind that this is only the first part, after that I should go for wxCore which might have a quicker first beta given the implementation choice (transitionnal one against a full complete one).
Created by:abalaban
Created at:20091125 22:36
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ID  Title  CommentsCreated atCreated by
38  Delay until further notice  0  20100211 15:50  Troels
26  wxBase Progress report  0  20090630 10:51  abalaban
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