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Title:AMP package - phase one (Apache, MySQL and PHP) .
This bounty consists of two phases both assigned to AmiCygnix developer Edgar Schwan.

Phase one:
Will bring an up-to-date Apache, MySQL and PHP to AmigaOS4.1 via AmiCygnix.
AmiCygnix version will contain a minimal AmiCygnix installation, so you won't need to install the large AmiCygnix base package.
A bounty of minimum EUR 500 must be reached for Edgar to port these applications.

DEADLINE: Phase one was initially scheduled for 2010.03.01 but due to difficulties with a part of the package deadline has been postponed to 2010.06.01 giving Edgar an extra 3 months for the work.

Meanwhile you can give version 1.0 of the package a try. It is available for download on http://os4depot.net/?function=showfile&file=network/server/misc/aamp-amicygnix.lha

Phase two:
When Phase one is completed we will open a bounty for phase 2. It consists of a fully native port of Apache, MySQL and PHP utilising whatever the current version of AmigaOS4.x has to offer.Being these ports targeted to developers, they will be as robust as possible.
A bounty of EUR 300 must be reached to get the fully native port.
Full payment of phase two has been promised by Elwood, thanks for the great support.

As the bounty has reached the target we have closed for donations.
Further donations for Edgar Schwan and his work on AmiCygnix can be made here: AmiCygnix donations.
Bounty:503.40999999999997 EUR   Out of 528.9 EUR originally submitted.
  Update entry
Title:CGI support works now
Text:Some good news: CGI support is finished now and seems to work good.

Todo: Some more tests of the CGI module and several optimations of the complete package.

Created by:cygnusEd
Created at:20100325 22:08
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ID  Title  CommentsCreated atCreated by
39  First version published - things changed since last update.  0  20100222 22:51  cygnusEd
34  AAMP for AmiCygnix - status report 2009-12-10  0  20091210 23:45  cygnusEd
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