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Title:Project: Timberwolf
[EDIT] With Release candidate 1 available for download we feel that the requirements of the bounty has been met. As of yesterday (23.07.12) money has been transferred to the Friedens for their great work on this project. We hope to see many more improvements and updates over time[/EDIT]

Donations can still be made directly to the Frieden brothers: http://www.friedenhq.org/ Click the Paypal Donate button. :-)

Timberwolf is the project name of the AmigaOS port of the Firefox web browser (for legal reasons it cannot be called Firefox). Firefox is an award-winning open source web browser and is the de-facto-standard browser across a wide variety of operating system, taking second place in popularity after Microsoft' s Internet Explorer. Its features include tabbed browsing, support for HTML 5, ECMAScript 3.1, and CSS 3, extensibility through addons, and a lot more. In short, Firefox is the most complete open source browser to date.
Bounty:6732.720000000002 EUR   Out of 7063.69 EUR originally submitted.
  Update entry
Title:Timberwolf Alpha 1 released
Text:We have to apologize for the long absence. Workload, personal issues and other things slowed down development considerably.

However, we're finally able to make the first binary release of Timberwolf. This is going to be an Alpha version, meaning it will be prone to crashing and misbehavior, it will be slow, and not all functionality is implemented yet.

Future plans include an update to the latest baseline source code of Firefox (3.7 beta), an Amiga-specific theme, as well as a major rewrite of the rendering code. The current version of the rendering code (Did we mention it's an alpha release ?) has some conceptual problems that will lead to misrenderings, and massive overdraw (some webpages might be rendered 2 to 8 times, you may notice the window will turn black several times during page buildup).

Feedback is welcome; please point your browsers at http://amigans.net and visit the Timberwolf support forum.

Have fun with the first release.
Created by:tfrieden
Created at:20100609 15:48
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ID  Title  CommentsCreated atCreated by
64  RC1 Available  1  20120713 17:47  tfrieden
63  New beta available  0  20120629 16:36  tfrieden
62  "Online" bugfix: Why bookmarks don't work  0  20120619 18:06  tfrieden
60  New beta release  0  20120413 16:01  tfrieden
59  Second Beta release  0  20120328 13:20  tfrieden
58  Feedback and current work  0  20120320 13:16  tfrieden
57  First beta release  0  20120216 18:53  tfrieden
56  Progress on Timberwolf  0  20120127 15:12  tfrieden
55  Getting closer  0  20111018 15:24  tfrieden
54  New rendering code for Timberwolf 4.0  0  20110905 15:19  tfrieden
53  Progres on Timberwolf  0  20110803 17:40  tfrieden
51  Timberwolf updated to 4.0 final  0  20110328 13:29  tfrieden
49  Timberwolf progress  0  20110303 20:18  tfrieden
35  Popup windows and Bookrmarks  0  20091231 15:47  tfrieden
31  Image loading  0  20091123 16:34  tfrieden
30  Network layer now working correctly  0  20091107 18:23  tfrieden
29  widgets getting closer  0  20091019 18:01  tfrieden
28  Gecko working  1  20091013 19:14  tfrieden
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