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Title:OpenAmiga 32Bit icon editor bounty
Create a 32Bit icon editor that can replace the current AmigaOS4.1 icon editor.
Status: FINISHED - Icon Editor can be downloaded from www.os4depot.net
Bounty:267.75000000000006 EUR   Out of 285 EUR originally submitted.
  Update entry
Title:32Bit Icon Editor in mature version v1.1 - further update
Text:Here's next update of 32-bit Icon Editor:

You can grab latest version here:


The most important functions are implemented:
- 32-bit icon editing and 8-bit alpha channel editing modes introduced.
- You can edit both normal and selected state of icon.
- Some basic painting tools has been implemented.
- Increasing and decreasing of transparency of individual pixels introduced.
- Customizable palette of 64 colors introduced with RGB and alpha channel sliders
- Old and new type icons can be loaded and saved as 32-bit icons.
- You can choose a type of an icon and create new one of that type.

- Unlimited Undo/Redo feature!
- Ability to change brush size
- Ability to pick up color from the icon

- Ability to load images through datatypes as icon images. The limit is 256x256 pixels
- Ability to change sketchboard size, auto top-left icon and minimize sketchboard
- Ability to copy icon from normal to selected state

- The editor now uses AISS package for button graphics

Things to introduce:
- Applying effects to icon images
- More painting tools and brushes

The program is very fast and seems to be stable.
Season greetings and Happy New Year!
Created by:Robert
Created at:20101226 18:49
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ID  Title  CommentsCreated atCreated by
52  Final version of Icon Editor NG is coming!  0  20110406 10:15  Robert
46  32Bit Icon Editor in mature version v1.2  0  20110112 20:30  Robert
44  32Bit Icon Editor GUI preview  0  20100825 02:16  Robert
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