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Title:Driver and avcodec plugin for BCM70015 video decoder
Provide a hardware driver as well as codec plugin for avcodec.library to use Broadcom BCM70015 hardware video decoder. This would also serve as an example hardware driver and example codec plugin for other similar hardware that may exist and become supported. With things sounding like equivalent Radeon video acceleration sounding very unlikely to happen, I see this as a good opportunity to bring smoother video playback to our current lower-end Amigas.

Project members:
Bounty:0 EUR   Out of 0 EUR originally submitted.
Description:Linux driver open-source source code is available at http://www.broadcom.com/support/crystal_hd/ as a base for this effort. As I understand there is some closed-source firmware involved as well, which is included as precompiled binary with the Linux driver. I suspect this goes into the Broadcom chipset itself, and is not part of the Linux (or AmigaOS) driver sources, but must be available and loaded by the driver.

I'm not sure what else may be available with this chipset, but I (billt) will sponsor one desktop PCI-Express board (actually a miniPCIe module with desktop adapter) as seen at http://www.hwtools.net/Adapter/ADP-70015.html to the suitable programmer accepting this task. This board sponsorship will be separate from and in addition to whatever cash bounty amount may be reached here, and will become property of the successful programmer accepting this bounty at its completion. (should an acceptng programmer not complete the bounty, I would want the board returned so it can be passed to another programmer that might attempt the same)

As PCI_Express, this would be useful to Sam460 owners, and possibly to Sam440, AmigaOne XE and MicroA1 users via PCI to PCIe bridge. I would hope the X1000 would not have as much need for this sort of thing, but it does seem to fit with the Amiga spirit of coprocessors to do things and free up the CPU regardless of need. I would imagine the accpeting programmer most likely owns a Sam460 or AmigaOne X1000 for a native PCI_Express slot.

Amiga driver and avcodec.library plugin will be licensed as required considering the Broadcom sources as base and/or documentation. Having them open-source would be beneficial to others wishing to work on similar drivers and for other codec plugins by other coders.
Created by:billt
Created at:20121104 20:20
Deadline:Not set
Finished at:Not finished
Last update:20121128 19:47
Assigned to:Not assigned
Suggested by:billt

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