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Title:Sputnik webbrowser

Port of Sputnik webbrowser from MorphOS to AmigaOS4.

Project members:
Bounty:3124.72 EUR   Out of 3124.72 EUR originally submitted.
Description:Sputnik (KHTML) web browser.
Initiated 14.02.2007 - Status 04.04.2007 Bounty target reached.
Further donations may be accepted when the application is ready for OS4.

This is a bounty to get the web browser Sputnik ported to AmigaOS4. Sputnik is an actively developed web browser and has already been showed working in it's early state on MorphOS.

Port of S60 version of WebCore + Sputnik browser, capable more or less (depends on some third-party projects that i can't control - TTE2 and MUI4. If those two are ported then probably it should be 100% compatible feature-wise) of everything that MorphOS version of Sputnik. So up-to date JavaScript, CSS1/2/3, XML, XSL and many other things that CVS version of S60 Webcore is capable of. Sputnik itself will provide support for advanced tabs, content-blocking, gestures, etc.

Expected time-table.
First version of Sputnik (for MorhpOS), usable for daily browsing should be available in Q1 2007, and no work on porting to AmigaOS4 can be started before it. Stable, feature-rich version of Sputnik (for MorphOS) should be completed before end of 2007 and if dependencies mentioned earlier will be resolved then AmigaOS4 version shouldn't be lagging behind (no more than a few days/weeks).

More informations.
Since first non-beta release of Sputnik for AmigaOS4, all following non-beta versions for MorphOS should also be released for AmigaOS4 in 1-2 months with the same features and improvements as the MorphOS version has (it excludes features that are impossible to add because of external dependencies). It's my intention that MorphOS and AmigaOS4 versions of Sputnik have the same set of features.

* Ready to run AmigaOS4 capable machine (already donated by a helpful Amigaworld.net user).
* Bounty must reach at least EUR 3050 (.

* WebCore parts and all changes made to it will be released, as license says, as a LGPL.
* WebKit and Sputnik part is closed source.

This was the description of the bounty written by Marcin, the author of Sputnik. If you need further info feel free to contact me (Troels) at tersking(a)gmail.com, or contact Marcin directly. Contact information can be found at his web site(Click here!)

Note: An OS4 capable machine has been delivered to Marcin (the Sputnik Author) and work on the port should start after next MorphOS beta. Visit the Sputnik web page to read more about the project, keep in mind that the statements in the FAQ about an OS4 port is most likely not up-to date:-)
Sputnik English website.

17.02.2008 - Edited text a bit. Removed parts about how to make donations as target has been reached for a long time. Also changed information regarding delivery about an A1 for Marcin.
22.04.2007 - Bounty completed. No further donations are accepted.
24.02.2007 - Changed the terms for the unlikely event we won't reach the requested amount. It is now possible to demand a return of money (minus PayPal fees) if we don't reach the needed amount.

10.12.2008 - Removed the information regarding what would happen to the bounty money in case we didn't reach the target (we did quite easily).

Information for the event that we have to cancel the bounty:
If for some reason the project is canceled all bounty money (minus Paypal fees) will be paid back to those who wants it. I hope people will then spend the money on other bounties here, or on donations for AmigaOS4 software you like and use.

Last updated (04.04.2007)
Amount: 3,124.72 EUR, after Paypal fees.
Target: $4000 (3050 EUR)
Created by:Troels
Created at:20080217 17:14
Deadline:Not set
Finished at:Not finished
Last update:20090205 19:05
Assigned to:Not assigned
Suggested by:Troels Ersking

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23  Return of money.  0  20081227 11:40  Troels
22  Just made a small update on the main bounty site.  0  20081210 15:42  Troels
20  Sputnik status report #1  0  20081201 14:10  Troels
15  Donations list from the old site.  0  20081130 03:37  Troels
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