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Project closed. A port of Fenix doesn't seem to bring anything really worthwhile to AmigaOS4. (Troels)

Port the game engine Fenix.

Project members:
Bounty:0 EUR   Out of 0 EUR originally submitted.
Description:Fenix Project is the codename for a GNU project to create a free compiler for a scripting language derived from the one created by Hammer Technologies for the game development suite, DIV Games Studio. However, several features have been added which make it not compatible with most games programmed with DIV.

Fenix comes as a console program. There are several IDEs around, being the most popular FBTwo_Project. Many other general-purpose IDEs can be easily adapted to it.

What is fenix?

It's a game engine, that makes it easy to make games with a scripting language, games can be run through the interprer or they can be compiled.

Many games are made in Fenix, so a port of Fenix would mean lots of new games on AOS4.

It is very portable. It depends on SDL. As far as I can tell there's mainly one source file that is platform dependant. I was told by a developer that the GP32 version might be even easier to port.

Official Site: http://fenix.divsite.net
Forum: http://forum.divsite.net
Resources: http://fenixworld.se32.com/
Created by:Troels
Created at:20081201 10:22
Deadline:Not set
Finished at:Not finished
Last update:20081214 23:09
Assigned to:Not assigned
Suggested by:spotUP

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