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Title:OpenAmiga 32Bit icon editor bounty
Create a 32Bit icon editor that can replace the current AmigaOS4.1 icon editor.
Status: FINISHED - Icon Editor can be downloaded from www.os4depot.net

Project members:
Bounty:267.75000000000006 EUR   Out of 285 EUR originally submitted.
Description:This is a bounty for completing the OpenAmiga 32Bit icon editor project.
Implement a new 32Bit (24Bit+8bit alpha) capable icon editor that has the same overall functionality as the OS4.1 built in icon editor but with 32Bit capability.

As the target is AmigaOS4.1, ReAction GUI Toolkit must be used.

Some points:
Load any type of icon images using icon library.
Always storing icons as 32bit OS4 icons.
Editing both normal and selected image

- view for editing the alpha map as a greyscale 8 bit image in the gui

- 32 bit view where you can both paint using different tools as well as decrease/increase transparency for individual pixels.

- 24Bit view for editing the 24bit color map without the alpha map showing

- Apply selected image effects like: Darken, Transparency, Color tinting

- Loading images using datatypes to use as the icon images

- The source and any related resources must be uploaded to the OpenAmiga SVN using the OpenAmiga guidelines.

Nice to have features
- Scaling the icon bitmaps

- Applying glow effects

- Antialiased line and elipse drawing (with alpha)

- Importing 32Bit brush images that you can brush paint with on you icon image

- Saving the normal and selected images separately so that you can import them into a paint program and later import it back into the icon editor.
Created by:Troels
Created at:20100118 13:23
Deadline:Not set
Finished at:Not finished
Last update:20110411 19:38
Assigned to:Robert

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52  Final version of Icon Editor NG is coming!  0  20110406 10:15  Robert
46  32Bit Icon Editor in mature version v1.2  0  20110112 20:30  Robert
45  32Bit Icon Editor in mature version v1.1 - further update  0  20101226 18:49  Robert
44  32Bit Icon Editor GUI preview  0  20100825 02:16  Robert
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