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Title:OS4 Programming Book
Writing, editing and production of a new C Programming Book for OS4.

The book will be released as a real, spiral bound printed book and contain detailed programming tutorials and examples for OS4.

Project members:
Bounty:0 EUR   Out of 0 EUR originally submitted.
Description:There has not been an uptodate progamming guide for AmigaOS for many, many years. Although the SDK contains autodocs with the latest changes to OS4, these can be difficult to navigate and not necessarily suited to the beginner or intermediate programmer. The RKMs are out of date, as are most of the second hand books that are available (most do not even cover 3.x).

This project aims to produce a new programming guide in English for AmigaOS 4.x. It will be aimed at beginners and intermediate programmers with some general knowledge of the C language. Additional chapters on advanced topics or other languages (eg E, Hollywood) may also be included.

The book will contain lots of annotated examples of working code and applications. A number of practical projects will be presented, with suggestions on how to tackle them and possible solutions.

Contributors will be paid according to the length/quality of their submission.

Yoodoo2 will fund the key chapters listed below and the initial print run. Any surplus money raised through this bounty will fund additional chapters and/or increase the money paid to contributors.

Any donor giving 15 Euros or more will receive a copy of the book upon publication, although there may be a small additional charge for postage to non-EU countries, dependent upon actual cost of shipping.

Any experienced OS4 programmers wishing to contribute should contact Yoodoo2 via email or PM at AW.net.

Key Chapters:

0.Setting up: SDK, tools, resources etc
1.Simple ReAction tutorials
2.Main ReAction gadgets
3.Screens, Windows, Menus and Requesters
4.Starting up: running from Shell and WB; arguments, tooltypes etc
5.Simple graphics
6.Handling text and fonts
7.File handling basics
8.Advanced file handling, clipboard, iffparse etc
9.Using Datatypes
10.Multi-tasking, messaging, semaphores etc
11.Libraries and shared objects
12.Completing the program: localisation; installer scripts; AmiUpdate etc


Common macros, typedefs etc
Migrating from OS3 to OS4
Useful websites, books etc
AmigaDOS reference
Overview of key libraries and other APIs

Possible Advanced Chapters (although there seems to be enough for a second book!):

Advanced Graphics
Using Cairo
Using SDL
Using MiniGL
Advanced gcc usage, debugging, cross compiling in Linux/Windows etc
Sound and AHI
AppWindows, AppIcons etc
Writing libraries and shared objects
Creating datatypes
Creating a new gadget/class
Programming the XCore
Device drivers
Other languages: E; Hollywood
Differences between OS3.x and 4
Compatability with other Amigaoid systems
Created by:yoodoo2
Created at:20100319 23:42
Deadline:Not set
Finished at:Not finished
Last update:Not updated
Assigned to:Not assigned
Suggested by:Yoodoo2

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