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Title:cross-platform documentation for SDK
Use Doxygen or other similar tool to generate SDK documentation from source headers, etc. for those using cross-compilers on foreign platforms. (and for OS4-native programmers as well)

Project members:
Bounty:0 EUR   Out of 0 EUR originally submitted.
Description:Cross-linking docs in html or pdf formats would make life easier on us cross-compiler programmers that don't have as good access to autodocs etc. as OS4-native programmers. Though native programmers can most likely use this as well if they prefer to autodoc readers.

This may mean notating SDK includes and other source files for Doxegen/whatever tool to best understand the code it's extracting documentation from.

Once complete, any modified files can be submitted back to Hyperion for merging with their mainline files, and source-generated documentation for any platform can then become a normality for future SDK releases.
Created by:billt
Created at:20110709 01:20
Deadline:Not set
Finished at:Not finished
Last update:Not updated
Assigned to:Not assigned
Suggested by:billt

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