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Title:Implement an avencoder.library for the libavcodec encoders
The goal is to implement an avencoder.library containing the libavcodec encoders. The library should also be able to load external encoders as plugins. Alternatively, the avcodec.library could be extended to include the encoders.

Project members:
Bounty:0 EUR   Out of 0 EUR originally submitted.
Description:The avcodec.library provides the video and audio decoders that multimedia players need for video/audio playback. However, it does not include the encoders. As a result, anyone who wishes to write software that generates video and audio files must statically link with ffmpeg, or use shared objects, or even resort to piping data through external programs such as mencoder (yuck!).

The goal of this project is to create a companion library to avcodec.library called avencoder.library that contains the encoders and multiplexers (i.e., the encoding part of both avcodec and avformat). Alternatively, the avcodec.library could be updated and extended to include the encoders. Regardless of which option is chosen, it should be able to load and use external encoders implemented as plugins. The compiled avencoder.library should only include the encoders that can be distributed under an LGPL license, so that closed-source applications can also make use of this library.

Such a library could be included with AmigaOS 4.x, meaning that all functionality needed for video/audio editing/saving is available as standard in a proper AmigaOS shared library. This would provide a standard method for developers to write video/audio editing applications (or include saving functionality in an app that needs it).
Created by:Troels
Created at:20110814 03:14
Deadline:Not set
Finished at:Not finished
Last update:20120106 21:41
Assigned to:diegocr
Suggested by:Hans de Ruiter

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