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Title:First Amiga600 FPGA accelerator
Hi there, my project is related to Amiga and creating accelerator cards for Amiga computer. Why Amiga if we have modern computers, for those who are nostalgic those computers are important as air. So if you investigate thera are some accelerators for amiga but I m talking about creating worlds first FPGA Amiga accelerator, and I m working on this project more then 2 years. But, I m from Bosnia and here we don't have money or equipment to do any real job related to electronics. I spend more then 3 years collecting money for this project and now I ended without money to finish it. There are number of people in the world who wait for something like this. And I know that I can do it. I give up everything for past 2 years to finish this project

Project members:
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Description:Idea is to create open hardware database, where everyone can build accelerator for their Amiga computers, also improve some characteristics and propose some ideas so we can bring old computers into life so the can act like modern computers supporting some new standards. Why, you may ask just because of that feeling you can't find with modern computers. You are feeling alive and able to accomplich anything work with any part of that hardware change it improve it, to be one with that hardware. Also that hardware I need to crate is related to VHDL programing language so it can become also open software so anyone with some knowledge to VHDL can get higher speeds with that open hardware. At the end we can have old computers who can support anything like modern ones. So I think that this could bring something to large Amiga comunity and that they need that web site with open hardware and software for Amiga.

Also i have major support from some large electronic companies because there are also some nostalgic people who would like to see my project is working. I hade some offers to sold my schematics, codes to some german and american companies but I say no because this needs to be open hard˛soft platform free for everyone who likes and live for old nostalgic computers!!!
At this stage you can see that concept is proven getting clock signal from Amiga 600 motherboard to accelerator.
Here are some web sites, forums about my work, testing, finished projects related to this one. Also about this project you can find lot of info in Amiga Future magazine number 66 in NewsFlash section.

Promo Video

Forum in english

Proven concept with led blink detecting clock from the A600 board, with proper softcore.

German forum ( there are some peolpe who are talking that this project can't see day of light but after I publish some videos they stop talking)

Also some pages in serbian language with lot of pictures please use translation

Also some pictures

Also I want to publish all my documentations about 2 year of work, every mail address I received from people reladed to Amiga comunity, you can't imagine what could peolpe create with that documentation, with explanation of every signal, related to MC68000 processor and Amiga motherboard. So we could ended up with first open hardware and software database for Amiga and we can back it to life once again after 20 years. I have knowledge, have support from TI, Analog devices, Philips NXP, and I have number of mails to prove that they helped me for the past 2 years to understand some concepts of devices that they creaated so they can be used in this project. I m 30 years old and created first electronics project when I was 10 years old, and created number of hardware and software projects untill now... Also you can find many info about this project on some german, spanish and web sites(or newspapers) from holland just search google with words amiga 600 fpga accelerator or how did they publish some informations about this project on their languages. Thank you and hope that you can understand how this could be important to Amiga community, and sorry for my english because i don't use it in everyday communications.
Created by:Troels
Created at:20120122 11:45
Deadline:Not set
Finished at:Not finished
Last update:20120123 22:42
Assigned to:Not assigned

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