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Title:AMP package - phase two (Native Apache, MySQL and PHP) .
22.03.2011: AMP package completed!, the package can be downloaded from http://www.os4depot.net (aamp.lha)
06.01.2011: Deadline extended by 3 months from today. See update at the bottom of the side.
05.07.2010: Dead A1 causes delay! See update at the bottom of the side.
This bounty consists of two phases both assigned to AmiCygnix developer Edgar Schwan.

Phase one:
Brings an up-to-date Apache, MySQL and PHP to AmigaOS4.1 via AmiCygnix.
This port has been finished by Edgar and can be downloaded from http://os4depot.net/?function=showfile&file=network/server/misc/aamp-amicygnix.lha

This bounty covers
Phase two:
With Phase one completed we have now opened a bounty for phase 2. It consists of a fully native port of Apache, MySQL and PHP utilising whatever the current version of AmigaOS4.x has to offer.Being these ports targeted to developers, they will be as robust as possible.
A bounty of EUR 300 must be reached to get the fully native port, more money is of course welcome:)
Bounty:445.69 EUR   Out of 465 EUR originally submitted.
  Confirmed donations
ID  Amount  Original  By  Date  
439  47.95 EUR  50 EUR  Mario Locati  20101017  
432  4.48 EUR  5 EUR  Marko Seppänen  20100914  
412  15.11 EUR  16 EUR  Olivier Claes  20100612  
362  9.31 EUR  10 EUR  Jamie Sayer  20100527  
361  38.29 EUR  40 EUR  Mathias Parnaudeau  20100524  
360  9.31 EUR  10 EUR  Troels Ersking  20100524  
359  9.31 EUR  10 EUR  Martin Rebentisch  20100523  
358  3.51 EUR  4 EUR  Andreas Schmidt  20100523  
357  18.97 EUR  20 EUR  Simon Sharratt  20100523  
356  289.45 EUR  300 EUR  Philippe Ferrucci  20100522  
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