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Title:Gnash - The Flash Movie Player
Port of Gnash - The Flash Movie Player to AmigaOS4.1
This bounty shall bring the well-known and widely-used Adobe Flash (formely
Macromedia) to AmigaOS as standalone player and it's webbrowsers as a NSAPI

UPDATE 28.02.2010: The Gnash standalone player have been finished for a long time but speed is a problem and Flash isn't much fun as a slow standalone technology.
Regarding the plugin there's also some problems.
Andrea has done a good job on the port but as it turns out Gnash in it's current incarnation isn't really usable for our purpose.

UPDATE 29.09.2009: Preview of standalone player available for download at http://www.amigasoft.net/pages/gnash/req.asp
Bounty:1005.8999999999999 EUR   Out of 1069 EUR originally submitted.
There are no files attached to this project.
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