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  Bounty rules
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Bounty rules v1.1 [2010.07.26]

The terms below apply to all bounty projects hosted at
amigabounty.net, if you can't agree to the terms don't donate.
We hope everyone finds the terms reasonable.

1.Amigabounty association
3.Donations and PayPal fees
4.Amigabounty committee
6.Completed projects

1. Amigabounty association
Amigabounty association [CVR32639364] has become registered as an association in Denmark in order to keep my private economy and that of Amigabounty 100% separate. This step doesn't influence the purpose of this site or the way donations are handled it simply means that when you make a donation for a project here, you in reality make a donation for Amigabounty association.

If you want to become a member of Amigabounty or want more information about the association and it's rules and regulations, feel free to contact me via email (tersking at gmail.com).

2. Communication
All important announcements will be posted as news on the front
page of www.amigabounty.net. We will also try to post important news
to amiga.org, amigans.net, amiga-news.de and amigaworld.net.
This is the best way for us to get in touch with the community.
On amigans.net you will find a forum category dedicated to amigabounty.net,
use it to share your ideas and concerns.
When you donate you must accept that we can't contact people on an
individual basis. All important information (example:refunds) are
communicated via amigabounty.net website.

3. Donations and PayPal fees
Donations are used to attract developers and pay for development.
If you donate please keep in mind that PayPal charges a
fee for every transaction. In the case of refunds, you must accept
that we can't refund PayPal fees out of our own pocket.

4. Amigabounty committee
The amigabounty committee will evaluate all proposed projects and
decide what makes it into an actual bounty on amigabounty.net. We
might decide to split one bounty up into smaller independent phases if
it seems that doing all work at once would be a too huge task with too
much risk of not being completed.

5. Cancellations/deadline/refunds
Refunds are possible when the bounty committee has chosen to cancel
a project or if the projects initial deadline is broken. When projects
are cancelled an email will be sent to all donors where we have a valid
email address. Any important project changes will of course also be
announced the way we described in point one. Donors to cancelled
bounties are offered the opportunity of either a refund or get their
donation reassigned to another bounty. Regardless of your choice you
should be emailing Amigabounty within 30 days after the project is
cancelled. If not, the money will be moved to other bounties @
amigabounty.net chosen by the Amigabounty committee.

6. Completed projects
When a project is complete and has got the bounty committee's
approval, money will be transferred to the developer assigned to the
project within 24 hours. It will then be moved to
Menu->Projects->Finished and the project page will be updated with
information on where to obtain the software, we encourage developers
to upload finished software to OS4depot.net. On the project page you
are also able to see who and how much money was donated for the

If you have any comments please click the contact link and fill out the form.
Liquorice bounty engine, Created in 2007-2008 by Björn Hagström