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Title:Gnash - The Flash Movie Player
Port of Gnash - The Flash Movie Player to AmigaOS4.1
This bounty shall bring the well-known and widely-used Adobe Flash (formely
Macromedia) to AmigaOS as standalone player and it's webbrowsers as a NSAPI

UPDATE 28.02.2010: The Gnash standalone player have been finished for a long time but speed is a problem and Flash isn't much fun as a slow standalone technology.
Regarding the plugin there's also some problems.
Andrea has done a good job on the port but as it turns out Gnash in it's current incarnation isn't really usable for our purpose.

UPDATE 29.09.2009: Preview of standalone player available for download at http://www.amigasoft.net/pages/gnash/req.asp

Project members:
Bounty:1005.8999999999999 EUR   Out of 1069 EUR originally submitted.

From the official Gnash website:
"Gnash is a GNU Flash movie player. Flash is an animation file format pioneered
by Macromedia which continues to be supported by their successor company, Adobe.
Flash has been extended to include audio and video content, and programs written
in ActionScript, an ECMAScript-compatible language. Gnash is based on GameSWF,
and supports most SWF v7 features and some SWF v8 and v9."

About this bounty:
This bounty shall close the gap in webbrowsing experience on AmigaOS by bringing
Macromedia/Adobe Flash support to us with a port of the GNU Flash player Gnash.
Ultimate goal of this bounty is to get:

a) A standalone Flash player, callable from within scripts, and
b) A webbrowser plugin based on the NetScape plugin API.

- Fully native AmigaOS 4.1 port which uses the most advanced applicable
features offered by AmigaOS 4.1. This includes things like the 64bit DOS
functions and of course the use of ReAction as GUI Toolkit, Cairo and
compositing as far as applicable. The developer may decide to support elder
AmigaOS versions as well, but that clearly would not be part of this bounty
which focuses on 4.1 and beyond.

- First goal is to get the standalone player part of Gnash ported.

- After the standalone player is accomplished the NSAPI plugin part shall
get adopted to work with a future version of OWB with NSAPI support.

- Gnash seems to have problems with YouTube videos. There is a manual
workaround decribed at http://wiki.gnashdev.org/YouTube how to make
YouTube videos work. Albeit it's not a strict requirement, we would
strongly suggest that this problem is fixed in our Amiga port if


1st March 2010 for both a working standalone player and a working NAPI


Gnash website:

Developer website for Gnash:

Afxgroup's website for AmigaOS4 port of Gnash:
Created by:Troels
Created at:20081204 14:13
Finished at:Not finished
Last update:20100228 19:12
Assigned to:afxgroup
Suggested by:samo79

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25  Reaction GUI for Gnash.  0  20090608 17:33  Troels
24  IBrowse and Gnash license.  0  20090421 20:55  Troels
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